Who Benefits from Paper Shredding?

Who Benefits from Paper Shredding?

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Who Benefits from Paper Shredding?

Regardless of the industry in which you work, and no matter how large or small your company may be, data breach is always a possibility that you must be aware of.  While data breaches can affect many businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas, there are a few industries in particular that may be more susceptible than others.

Some industries in Calgary may be more vulnerable than others.  According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITC), the worst data breaches took place in the following sectors: Healthcare, Business, Educational, Financial, and Government.  The Healthcare industry had the highest percentage of reported data breaches at 43.8%, with general business following them up at 34.4%.  Healthcare institutions are heavily monitored and regulated, so the costs involved in data breaches are much higher than they would be in other industries.

Whether you work in a medical office or an educational facility, when it comes to ensuring that your company remains compliant, it’s important that your business has a clearly defined policy when it comes to information security.  More specifically, it’s crucial that you emphasize the importance of secure disposal for the purpose of professional paper shredding services.  If you haven’t done so already, it may be in your best interest to implement a shred-all policy to guarantee that information that needs to be protected when no longer needed is in fact thoroughly shred.  It is also an effective means in reminding your employees to partake in smart document disposal practices.

Documents that are improperly disposed of, whether placed in the garbage or recycling, provide zero protection to your business, employees and customers.  The risks associated with confidential details falling into the wrong hands are simply not worth it.

The bottom line is, here’s what your Calgary business should know about paper shredding:

  • Paper shredding is the safest and most effective means of destroying information and significantly reducing the chances of data breaches occurring.
  • Destroying documents that are no longer needed ensures compliance with privacy laws.
  • A paper shredding service such as Merlin Shredding will offer a secure chain of custody throughout the entire document shredding process, providing you with secure, lockable shred bins and a certificate of destruction following every shred.

For more information in regards to our secure paper shredding services, please contact Merlin Shredding in Calgary.  We will assist your business in remaining compliant, while also helping you organize and implement a shred-all policy that can be effectively practiced by all of your employees.  Call 1-403-340-2401.


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