Security Containers for Shredding

As Alberta‘s most trusted consultant for paper shredding services, Merlin Shredding stays on the cutting edge with both shredding technology and reliable security containers. In order for you to keep your company and client records secure 100% of the time, you need to make sure you have the best quality equipment. This is why Merlin Shredding uses the industries number one supplier of Secure Shredding Containers and Consoles in All Source Security Container Mfg. Corp.

Secure Office Console

Secure Office Consoles are ideal for office settings where you want to maintain a unique look, reducing paper clutter, and provide optimum security. Secure Shredding Consoles can be used in small to large offices and usually blend into any office environment.

Secure Shredding Bin

Secure Shredding Carts, ake Shred Bins, are another very popular option we offer. These Secure Containers are larger in size and hold more paper than your standard Secure Shredding Console. Common applications for these containers are larger offices, hospitals, and Industrial sites where a business generates a large amount of paper on a regular basis.

Need help deciding, call any Merlin Shredding office in Red Deer, Edmonton, or Calgary and speak to one of our Security Consultants to assist you in the decision making process.