Q: Why should my company shred documents?

A: Legally your company is obligated to protect customer and employee information from landing into the wrong hands. Documents considered to be confidential cannot be tossed away in a garbage can as a means of disposal. You may face legal responsibilities if data is discovered to be unsecure. Our paper shredding services offer a safe and reliable solution for information destruction, eliminating any liability risks to your company.

Q:How long do I need to keep my sensitive documents for?

A: The retention period is based on specific legal requirements and the relevancy of your documents to your business. Documents must be thoroughly destroyed when they have outlived their lifecycle and are no longer needed. Failing to do so could cause legal action in the event your company experiences a litigation or audit.

Q: We have an office paper shredder, isn’t this good enough?

A: Office shredders may be a short-term solution for shredding your confidential documents; however most cannot handle large amounts of paper, and therefore break down over time. When you use an office shredder you are forced to remove staples, clips, and elastics prior to feeding paper through which can take a considerable amount of time. Lastly, an office shredder requires an employee to operate it, meaning you are taking employees away from their job tasks. Material cannot be tossed away the garbage; it must be recycled securely as well.

Q: What steps do I need to take to prepare documents for shredding?

A: Simply gather your confidential documents and secure them in the lockable shred bins and consoles Merlin Shredding provides you with. Do not worry about removing paper clips, staples or elastics as this is not necessary with our mobile paper shredder.

Q: Are your containers secure?

A:  Security is our number one priority, and our selection of quality shred bins, consoles, and carts are entirely lockable for additional peace of mind. You choose a suitable collection container that meets your paper collection needs. Our shred bins vary in style and size, allowing you to alter your choice in collection containers as desired.

Q: Is it costly to outsource your document destruction needs?

A: Assigning an employee to look after your paper shredding needs becomes a bigger expense than one would think. Primarily it eats up valuable time, and when you take into account repairs or replacement fees for the machine, this tedious task is simply not productive to do in-house. Outsourcing your paper shredding will save you time and money.

Q: Do I need to arrange a shredding schedule?
A: At Merlin Shredding we offer both purge and regular scheduled shredding services. While it’s not an obligation, for ongoing protection we recommend setting up a shredding schedule that is appropriate for your business. Merlin Shredding provides daily, weekly, and monthly paper shredding services, based on your unique needs.

Q: Can I witness my confidential documents being destroyed?
A: Yes; In fact, we welcome you to witness the entire process from beginning to end. You may watch your documents being destroyed directly from the parking lot of your business. Monitoring is available through our state-of-the-art camera technology situated in our mobile shredding truck.

Q: What happens to the materials after they are destroyed?
A: After shredding, all paper particles are recycled securely through trusted partnerships that handle our recycling. We regularly empty our shred trucks at several recyclers throughout our region, and ensure material is recycled wherever possible.

Q: Do you supply a Certificate of Destruction following shredding?
Merlin Shredding will always provide your business with documentation that your information has been securely destroyed. We issue a Certificate of Destruction form following each and every shredding job. The document will outline the method of destruction, description of the disposed materials, dates, and a statement that indicating documents were destroyed in accordance with destruction laws.

Q: How will you help keep our business compliant with privacy laws?

A: The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a federal legislative Act which addresses the issue of electronic storage of information in Canada. Merlin Shredding provides secure destruction services that help maintain compliance with this Act.

Q: Are your employees bonded?
Yes. We take our hiring process very seriously and only employ those individuals that are of the highest level of competency and integrity.  Our drivers, customer service representatives and operations staff are bonded and always in uniform. Document Destruction specialists also wear clear, visible identification badges.

Q: Do you require your employees to undergo drug testing?

Yes, we do drug test all employees prior to hiring, and we ask our employees to submit random drug testing throughout their employment at Merlin Shredding.

Q: Why do you only offer on-site mobile paper shredding?

There are risks to transporting your confidential papers off your premises, and at Merlin Shredding your protection is our number one priority. Our mobile shredding services offer a convenient and safe solution that doesn’t require your information to leave the parking lot, until all content is shred.

Q: What method of payment do you accept?

We offer billing on a monthly basis, and also accept credit card, cheque, and even cash payments if preferred.

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